Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Marketing to Generation X

The Power of Generation X
Gen X (pop. 40 Million strong) are growing in buying power as they emerge as the decision makers in the corporate world. Their purchasing decisions are based on living standards and to afford the lifestyle they want, they are prepared to live with less ‘things’. They are embarking on a new phase in life as they start having families or plan to do so.

Generation X selling turn offs:
They are turned off by hype and see a marketing campaign for what it is. They need to know they can trust the sales person and what they are saying.

Simple messages work best. The environment needs to be fun, relaxed and supportive with a strong social element. Gen X are looking for a product that will benefit or improve their lifestyle and work-life-fun balance. The sales person needs to have a genuine understanding of their needs and wants.

Recently I completed a in-depth teleseminar on
“How to Market to Generation X and Y" -
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